android_kernel_google_bluecrossPixel 3 and 3 XL kernelSultan Alsawaf12 hours
android_kernel_google_wahooPixel 2 XL kernelSultan Alsawaf10 days
android_kernel_google_bluecross_msm-extraPixel 3 and 3 XL extra kernel driversSultan Alsawaf3 months
android_kernel_google_bluecross_qcacldPixel 3 and 3 XL wifi kernel driverSultan Alsawaf3 months
android_kernel_google_bluecross_wlan-fw-apiPixel 3 and 3 XL wifi firmware APISultan Alsawaf4 months
android_kernel_google_bluecross_qca-wfi-host-cmnPixel 3 and 3 XL wifi host cmnSultan Alsawaf4 months