BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterwg-quick: android: check for null in binder cleanup functionsJason A. Donenfeld6 days
nd/android-10-dnswg-quick: android: use Binder for setting DNS on Android 10Nicolas Douma10 days
md/openbsdAdd support for masked/hidden keysMatt Dunwoodie2 months
jd/syncconftools: add syncconf commandJason A. Donenfeld4 months
sl/ppc[zinc] Add PowerPC accelerated poly1305 from openssl/cryptogramsShawn Landden5 months
jh/ignore-dfcompat: on older kernels, ignore_df might be local_dfJoe Holden5 months
lr/man-allowedipswg.8: Rewrite AllowedIPs descriptionLuis Ressel6 months
lr/peer-names[WIP] wg: Support human-readable peer namesLuis Ressel7 months
fd/propagate-DSCP-bitsreceive: fix the ECN-related behaviourFlorent Daigniere8 months
fd/ECN-rfc6040net: implement ECN handling, rfc6040 styleFlorent Daigniere8 months
jd/base-timenoise: compute timestamps from a given base timeJason A. Donenfeld9 months
jo/transit-namespacetests: add test for transit-netJulian Orth10 months
jd/arnd-crosstoolqemu: use arnd's toolchainsJason A. Donenfeld11 months
jd/ifgroupwg-quick: experiment with ifgroup suppressionJason A. Donenfeld11 months
jd/maybe-sse2chacha20: enable sse2 pathJason A. Donenfeld11 months
jd/bigendiancurvecurve25519-arm: simply call setendJason A. Donenfeld12 months
jd/andy-is-best-maybeReal life sort of benchmarkJason A. Donenfeld13 months
jn/rhashtablehashtables: switch to rhashtableJonathan Neuschäfer15 months
jd/remove-per-peer-queuesqueueing: remove per-peer queuesJason A. Donenfeld15 months
tg/mpmc-benchmarkuint64_t and need_resched()Thomas Gschwantner16 months
jn/mpmc-wipmpmc_ptr_ring: add {,un}likely() annotationsThomas Gschwantner16 months
grt/groGRO does indeed concatenate packets, should we store them somewhere?Gauvain "GovanifY" Roussel-Tarbouriech16 months
jd/android-suspend-xmitsend: wait for suspend to complete before sending handshakeJason A. Donenfeld16 months
jn/mpmc-null[BROKEN] mpmc_ptr_ring: Rely on null pointers to avoid p_tailJonathan Neuschäfer16 months
jd/ring_testingselftest/mpmc_ring: lower test count for perf testingJason A. Donenfeld16 months
tg/mpmc_testingmpmc_ptr_ring: nitsJason A. Donenfeld16 months
jd/partial-preempt-fixcompat: backport ipvs_resetJason A. Donenfeld16 months
tg/mpmc_ringWIP9Thomas Gschwantner17 months
rvd/poly1305_opaque_lengthpoly1305: generic: Reduce opaque size.René van Dorst17 months
rvd/poly1305_paddingpoly1305: Add a helper function which will padded the input to full poly1305 block when needed.René van Dorst17 months
jd/ricetastic-chapolychacha20poly1305: combine stack variables into unionJason A. Donenfeld17 months
fv/openbsdtools: fix OpenBSD buildFilippo Valsorda17 months
jd/systemd-resolvedwg-quick: linux: check for right routeJason A. Donenfeld17 months
jn/qemu-hashtests/qemu: Pin most of the tarball hashesJonathan Neuschäfer17 months
jd/endianness-trickallowedips: single expression endian choiceJason A. Donenfeld18 months
lr/pmtuWIP: Automatically update PMTU for tunneled destinationsLuis Ressel21 months
jd/built-in-rp-filter-adjustmentdevice: disable rp_filter for wireguard devicesJason A. Donenfeld22 months
jd/fixed-endpointsAllow disabling roamingJason A. Donenfeld24 months
jd/broken-arm-qemu-serialqemu: work around bogus QEMU virt ARM machinesJason A. Donenfeld24 months
jd/lockless-queuingdata: move from spinlocks to lockless data structureJason A. Donenfeld2 years
jd/spinlocks-dqlTry only advancing to next CPU if dql says soJason A. Donenfeld2 years
jd/cpu-dqlDQL trial 1Jason A. Donenfeld2 years
jd/builtin-ratelimiterratelimiter: remove and use in-kernel functionalityJason A. Donenfeld2 years