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* December updateNathan Chancellor2019-12-306-6/+6
* kernels: add coral/flameNathan Chancellor2019-12-303-0/+28
* repo: use new wireguard-linux-compat repo for buildingJason A. Donenfeld2019-12-293-3/+3
* November updateJason A. Donenfeld2019-11-206-6/+6
* kernels: marlin: move hack to init from uninitJason A. Donenfeld2019-10-161-4/+4
* kernels: add marlin manifest and build commandsNathan Chancellor2019-10-142-0/+17
* kernels: add bonitoNathan Chancellor2019-10-142-0/+25
* kernels: crosshatch: use the crosshatch specific tagNathan Chancellor2019-10-141-1/+1
* kernels: crosshatch: update the EXT_MODULES commandNathan Chancellor2019-10-141-1/+1
* kernels: marlin: hack around unexported tvec_base_deferrableJason A. Donenfeld2019-10-142-0/+35
* kernels: add wahooNathan Chancellor2019-10-142-0/+20
* kernels: add version hashes for remaining pixelsJason A. Donenfeld2019-10-143-0/+3
* Initial commitJason A. Donenfeld2019-10-143-0/+26