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                       cgit - cgi for git

This is an attempt to create a fast web interface for the git scm, using a
builtin cache to decrease server io-pressure.


  $ make
  $ su
  $ make install

This will install cgit.cgi and cgit.css into "/var/www/htdocs/cgit".

Note: The initial "make" will create a submodule 'git' and clone the git
repository at git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/git/git.git in it. If you
already have a local git git repository that you want to use as origin
for the submodule, run

  $ git clone -s <path-to-git-repo> git
  $ ./submodules.sh -u

before running "make".


  -git (1.5.2-rc0 or newer, due to git submodule) installed
  -zip lib
  -crypto lib
  -openssl lib

Apache configuration

A new Directory-section must probably be added for cgit, possibly something
like this:

  <Directory "/var/www/htdocs/cgit/">
      AllowOverride None
      Options ExecCGI
      Order allow,deny
      Allow from all

Runtime configuration

The file /etc/cgitrc is read by cgit before handling a request. In addition
to runtime parameters, this file also contains a list of the repositories
displayed by cgit.

A template cgitrc is shipped with the sources, and all parameters and default
values are documented in this file.

The cache

When cgit is invoked it looks for a cachefile matching the request and
returns it to the client. If no such cachefile exist (or if it has expired),
the content for the request is written into the proper cachefile before the
file is returned.

If the cachefile has expired but cgit is unable to obtain a lock for it, the
stale cachefile is returned to the client. This is done to favour page
throughput over page freshness.

The generated content contains the complete response to the client, including
the http-headers "Modified" and "Expires".

The mis(sing) features

Submodule links in the directory listing page have a fixed format per
repository. This should probably be extended to a generic map between
submodule path and url.

The end.