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parentscan-tree: Support gitweb.category. (diff)
ui-repolist: Case insensitive sorting and age sort
Add two options, one for doing the ordinary name sorts in a case-insensitive manner, and another for choosing to sort repos in each section by age instead of by name.
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@@ -70,6 +70,10 @@ cache-static-ttl::
version of repository pages accessed with a fixed SHA1. Default value:
+ Sort items in the repo list case sensitively. Default value: "1".
+ See also: section-sort.
Space-separated list of common prefixes which, when combined with a
repository url, generates valid clone urls for the repository. This
@@ -333,11 +337,17 @@ section::
after this option will inherit the current section name. Default value:
+ The way in which repositories in each section are sorted. Valid values
+ are "name" for sorting by the repo name or "age" for sorting by the
+ most recently updated repository. Default value: "name". See also:
+ section, case-sensitive-sort.
A number which, if specified before scan-path, specifies how many
path elements from each repo path to use as a default section name.
If negative, cgit will discard the specified number of path elements
- above the repo directory. Default value: 0.
+ above the repo directory. Default value: "0".
If set to "1" shows side-by-side diffs instead of unidiffs per