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parentui-shared: add rel-vcs microformat links to HTML header (diff)
repolist: add owner-filter
This allows custom links to be used for repository owners by configuring a filter to be applied in the "Owner" column in the repository list.
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+-- This script is an example of an owner-filter. It replaces the
+-- usual query link with one to a fictional homepage. This script may
+-- be used with the owner-filter or repo.owner-filter settings in
+-- cgitrc with the `lua:` prefix.
+function filter_open()
+ buffer = ""
+function filter_close()
+ html(string.format("<a href=\"%s\">%s</a>", "http://wiki.example.com/about/" .. buffer, buffer))
+ return 0
+function filter_write(str)
+ buffer = buffer .. str