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authorGeorg Lukas <georg@op-co.de>2009-11-19 12:14:45 +0100
committerGeorg Lukas <georg@op-co.de>2009-11-19 12:14:45 +0100
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syntax highlighting for all formats supported by "highlight"
The highlight tool can be given any of the supported file extensions as its -S parameter. This patch replaces the case-switch by extracting the extension from the supplied file name and passing it to highlight. However, this requires a shell supporting the ${var##pattern} syntax, like dash or bash. Unknown extensions cause a fall-back to plain text using the --force switch. Error messages are redirected to /dev/null. A special case maps Makefile and Makefile.* to the "mk" extension. The total overhead is reduced by calling "exec highlight". No forks are needed during script execution. Signed-off-by: Georg Lukas <georg@op-co.de>
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diff --git a/filters/syntax-highlighting.sh b/filters/syntax-highlighting.sh
index 999ad0c..6b1c576 100755
--- a/filters/syntax-highlighting.sh
+++ b/filters/syntax-highlighting.sh
@@ -3,6 +3,10 @@
# tree-view by refering to this file with the source-filter or repo.source-
# filter options in cgitrc.
+# This script requires a shell supporting the ${var##pattern} syntax.
+# It is supported by at least dash and bash, however busybox environments
+# might have to use an external call to sed instead.
# Note: the highlight command (http://www.andre-simon.de/) uses css for syntax
# highlighting, so you'll probably want something like the following included
# in your css file (generated by highlight 2.4.8 and adapted for cgit):
@@ -20,20 +24,11 @@
# table.blob .kwc { color:#000000; font-weight:bold; }
# table.blob .kwd { color:#010181; }
-case "$1" in
- *.c)
- highlight -f -I -X -S c
- ;;
- *.h)
- highlight -f -I -X -S c
- ;;
- *.sh)
- highlight -f -I -X -S sh
- ;;
- *.css)
- highlight -f -I -X -S css
- ;;
- *)
- highlight -f -I -X -S txt
- ;;
+# store filename and extension in local vars
+# map Makefile and Makefile.* to .mk
+[ "${BASENAME%%.*}" == "Makefile" ] && EXTENSION=mk
+exec highlight --force -f -I -X -S $EXTENSION 2>/dev/null