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scan-tree: Unify gitweb.* and cgit.* settings into one config option.
After some back and forth with Jamie and René, it looks like the git config semantics are going to be like this: - gitweb.category maps to the cgit repo config key "section" - gitweb.description maps to the cgit repo config key "desc" - gitweb.owner maps to the cgit repo config key "owner" - cgit.* maps to all cgit repo config keys This option can be enabled with "enable-git-config=1", and replaces all previous "enable-gitweb-*" config keys. The order of operations is as follows: - git config settings are applied in the order that they exist in the git config file - if the owner is not set from git config, get the owner using the usual getpwuid call - if the description is not set from git config, look inside the static $path/description file - if section-from-path=1, override whatever previous settings were inside of git config using the section-from-path logic - parse $path/cgitrc for local repo.* settings, that override all previous settings
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