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@@ -106,6 +106,11 @@ enable-gitweb-owner::
for the git config value "gitweb.owner" to determine the owner.
Default value: "1". See also: scan-path.
+ If set to "1", cgit will act as an dumb HTTP endpoint for git clones.
+ If you use an alternate way of serving git repositories, you may wish
+ to disable this. Default value: "1".
Flag which, when set to "1", will make cgit generate extra links for
each repo in the repository index (specifically, to the "summary",
@@ -288,8 +293,9 @@ scan-path::
the result will be cached as a cgitrc include-file in the cache
directory. If project-list has been defined prior to scan-path,
scan-path loads only the directories listed in the file pointed to by
- project-list. Default value: none. See also: cache-scanrc-ttl,
- project-list.
+ project-list. Be advised that only the global settings taken
+ before the scan-path directive will be applied to each repository.
+ Default value: none. See also: cache-scanrc-ttl, project-list.
The name of the current repository section - all repositories defined
@@ -309,7 +315,8 @@ side-by-side-diffs::
Text which specifies the default set of snapshot formats generated by
cgit. The value is a space-separated list of zero or more of the
- values "tar", "tar.gz", "tar.bz2" and "zip". Default value: none.
+ values "tar", "tar.gz", "tar.bz2", "tar.xz" and "zip". Default value:
+ none.
Specifies a command which will be invoked to format plaintext blobs