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@@ -234,6 +234,10 @@ project-list::
should loaded as git repositories. This must be defined prior to
scan-path. Default value: none. See also: scan-path.
+ Text which will be used as default value for "repo.readme". Default
+ value: none.
If set to "1" and scan-path is enabled, if any repositories are found
with a suffix of ".git", this suffix will be removed for the url and
@@ -278,6 +282,12 @@ section::
after this option will inherit the current section name. Default value:
+ A number which, if specified before scan-path, specifies how many
+ path elements from each repo path to use as a default section name.
+ If negative, cgit will discard the specified number of path elements
+ above the repo directory. Default value: 0.
If set to "1" shows side-by-side diffs instead of unidiffs per
default. Default value: "0".
@@ -373,7 +383,7 @@ repo.readme::
A path (relative to <repo.path>) which specifies a file to include
verbatim as the "About" page for this repo. You may also specify a
git refspec by head or by hash by prepending the refspec followed by
- a colon. For example, "master:docs/readme.mkd" Default value: none.
+ a colon. For example, "master:docs/readme.mkd" Default value: <readme>.
A mask of allowed snapshot-formats for this repo, restricted by the