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@@ -775,14 +775,25 @@ through use of git notes. For example, the following command may be used to
add a signature to a .tar.xz archive:
git notes --ref=refs/notes/signatures/tar.xz add -C "$(
- gpg --output - --armor --detach-sign cgit-1.1.tar.xz |
- git hash-object -w --stdin
+ gpg --output - --armor --detach-sign cgit-1.1.tar.xz |
+ git hash-object -w --stdin
)" v1.1
If it is instead desirable to attach a signature of the underlying .tar, this
will be linked, as a special case, beside a .tar.* link that does not have its
-own signature.
+own signature. For example, a signature of a tarball of the latest tag might
+be added with a similar command:
+ tag="$(git describe --abbrev=0)"
+ git notes --ref=refs/notes/signatures/tar add -C "$(
+ git archive --format tar --prefix "cgit-${tag#v}/" "$tag" |
+ gpg --output - --armor --detach-sign |
+ git hash-object -w --stdin
+ )" "$tag"
+Since git-archive(1) is expected to produce stable output between versions,
+this allows one to generate a long-term signature of the contents of a given