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* Add html_option() functionLars Hjemli2007-10-281-0/+12
* Rename dirlink to gitlink.Jeffrey C. Ollie2007-06-041-1/+1
* Add html_include()Lars Hjemli2007-05-181-0/+14
* Add submodule links in tree listingLars Hjemli2007-05-111-1/+2
* Add generic support for search box in page headerLars Hjemli2006-12-281-0/+10
* Test for NULL-pointers in html_txt() and friendsLars Hjemli2006-12-281-4/+3
* Only show first 80 characters of commit subject in log and summaryLars Hjemli2006-12-221-0/+28
* Show list of modified files in ui-commit.cLars Hjemli2006-12-171-0/+20
* Add license file and copyright noticesLars Hjemli2006-12-101-0/+8
* Add caching infrastructureLars Hjemli2006-12-101-2/+4
* Import cgit prototype from git treeLars Hjemli2006-12-091-0/+100