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* Implemented configurable HEAD shortlog on summary page.Ondrej Jirman2007-05-311-0/+3
* Add repo.readme parameterLars Hjemli2007-05-231-1/+7
* Show time since last change on index pageLars Hjemli2007-05-221-0/+3
* Merge branch 'repogroups'Lars Hjemli2007-05-201-0/+4
| * Teach cgit how to group repositories by categoryLars Hjemli2007-05-181-0/+4
* | Merge branch 'virtual-url'Lars Hjemli2007-05-201-0/+30
|\ \
| * | Enable url=value querystring parameterLars Hjemli2007-05-181-0/+5
| * | Add lookup-function for valid repo commandsLars Hjemli2007-05-181-0/+12
| * | Move cgit_get_repoinfo into shared.cLars Hjemli2007-05-181-0/+13
| |/
* / Teach cgit howto include an external file on index page.Lars Hjemli2007-05-191-0/+3
* Add knobs to enable/disable files/lines changed in log viewLars Hjemli2007-05-181-1/+13
* Restrict length of repo description on repolist pageLars Hjemli2007-05-161-0/+3
* Enable default value for head parameterLars Hjemli2007-05-161-14/+3
* Don't hardcode urls when SCRIPT_NAME is availableLars Hjemli2007-05-151-1/+1
* Add include-parameter to config filesLars Hjemli2007-05-141-0/+2
* Add max-commit-count parameter to cgitrcLars Hjemli2007-05-131-0/+3
* Add standard interface for file diff functionsLars Hjemli2007-05-131-0/+79
* Add shared diff-handling functionsLars Hjemli2007-05-131-2/+45
* Add submodule links in tree listingLars Hjemli2007-05-111-0/+6
* Make snapshot feature configurableLars Hjemli2007-02-081-0/+6
* Add support for snapshotsLars Hjemli2007-02-081-0/+17
* Read repo-info from /etc/cgitrcLars Hjemli2007-02-041-4/+37
* Add parameter to adjust max message length in log listingsLars Hjemli2007-01-281-0/+4
* WIP: add paths/backlinks to tree/blobviewLars Hjemli2007-01-121-0/+3
* Handle %xx encoding in querystringLars Hjemli2007-01-041-0/+13
* Add generic support for search box in page headerLars Hjemli2006-12-281-0/+3
* Add missing ttl-options in configLars Hjemli2006-12-221-0/+8
* Add basic diff viewLars Hjemli2006-12-201-0/+4
* Add cgit_free_commitinfo() and use where neededLars Hjemli2006-12-161-0/+10
* Add cache-root option to /cgit/rcLars Hjemli2006-12-161-0/+2
* Add argument parsing + switch for uncached operationLars Hjemli2006-12-161-0/+3
* Add head comment to shared.cLars Hjemli2006-12-161-0/+8
* Add simple pager to log pageLars Hjemli2006-12-141-3/+6
* Move global variables + callback functions into shared.cLars Hjemli2006-12-111-0/+74