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* tests/t0010-validate-html.sh: skip tests if 'tidy' is not availableLars Hjemli2008-12-061-1/+8
| | | | | Noticed-by: Ramsay Jones <ramsay@ramsay1.demon.co.uk> Signed-off-by: Lars Hjemli <hjemli@gmail.com>
* t0010-validate.sh: return on cgit errorsLars Hjemli2008-02-241-1/+4
| | | | | | | | | | The earlier segfault in cgit passed by unnoticed by this test-script due to the pipe between cgit and sed. There might be a more elegant solution to this problem, but my shellscript- foo is weak. Signed-off-by: Lars Hjemli <hjemli@gmail.com>
* Create initial testsuiteLars Hjemli2007-11-111-0/+31
This creates a simple testsuite, heavily inspired by the testsuite in git. Signed-off-by: Lars Hjemli <hjemli@gmail.com>