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glougloud - glouglou daemon, for network traffic visualisation in real time

glougloud listen on port 4430 for probes and port 4431 for clients.
glougloud probes can be network monitoring probes, system process tracker
glougloud clients can be graphical visualisation clients, command line monitoring
clients ...


* libglouglou

Known to work on OpenBSD 5.1 and Linux 3.4


git clone git@meg:glouglou

sudo useradd -d /var/empty/ -s /sbin/nologin _glougloud

make && sudo make install


* Run the daemon

sudo glougloud

It logs to /var/log/glougloud.
For the moment it monitors on lo0 interface.

* Connect manualy to the daemon

nc -vvv -u 4431 |hexdump -C

You get a copy of all what the probes send