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* indent fix, pass 2Laurent Ghigonis2013-06-051-6/+6
| | | | no functional change
* convert to tabs, and fix some indent manualyLaurent Ghigonis2013-06-051-18/+18
| | | | no functionnal change
* add necessary code in libggnet to do resolving of nodes names.Laurent Ghigonis2012-12-151-7/+19
| | | | modify libggnet_dns structure to fit with these changes.
* integrate gg_sniff dns handling into libggnetLaurent Ghigonis2012-12-151-0/+22
it can be enabled in ggnet by calling ggnet_set_dns(), or can be used independently by including <libggnet_dns.h> an calling ggnet_dns_new(), ggnet_dns_free() and ggnet_dns_reverse() WARNING: not tested yet, only compiles