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	propagate - run commands and proxyfy connections on firewalled machines
	laurent's bashrc and vimrc
	covpn - Wrapper to run OpenVPN with server push filtering, tcp/udp/defgw modes
	dtube - gather AS / IP range / IPs informations
	jsaccess - download and decrypt files in the browser
	skylog - log online/offline skype status of contacts
	Work In Progress tools
	brhute-py - attemps of URL bruteforcer using HTTP pipelining and multithread
	brhute.rb - URL bruteforcer using HTTP pipelining and multiple threads
	de - distributed execution of scripts across multiple machines with SSH
	distributed execution
	viensamoi - WIFI tools targeting clients
	Put here external scripts and URLs
	WIFI client Ressources
	wirecroute - crash wireshark