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+jsaccess - download and decrypt files in the browser
+2013, Laurent Ghigonis <laurent@gouloum.fr>
+Provide protected access to files on a web server without htaccess or https.
+1. Put jsa/ directory on your web server, publicly available (you can rename it).
+2. Encrypt your files with encrypt.sh
+3. Upload the encrypted files in the directory jsa/files/
+4. Edit jsa/index.html to add your files to the download list
+5. Direct people to the directory jsa/, e.g. http://myserver.com/jsa/
+Directory content
+jsa/ - should be on your webserver, can be renamed
+encrypt.sh - to encrypt your files before uploading them to your web server
+* dynamicaly get files list from jsa/files/list_<password_hash>
+(server directory listing should be disabled)