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* add de - ideas on distributed executionLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-215-0/+417
* some ruby spikesLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-205-0/+383
* brhute: move to brhute-pyLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-2016-0/+0
* brhute: move to dedicated dirLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-2019-1069/+99
* brhute: add a few more spikesLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-208-3/+657
* brhute: attempt to do multiprocessing, brokenLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-191-0/+121
* brhute: working with asyncoreLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-192-46/+64
* brhute: create multiple connectionsLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-181-36/+34
* toys: start to work on brhute - asynchronous URL fetcher based on asyhttpLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-172-2/+115
* toys: import asynhttp from Doug Fort <dougfort@downright.com>Laurent Ghigonis2013-04-173-0/+1069
* grbrute: note about pipeliningLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-171-2/+3
* grbrute: add some profiling reportsLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-172-0/+2046
* grbrute: fix event processing interuption by userLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-172-8/+19
* pphidden_async: use grbruteLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-171-69/+14
* add grbrute - asynchronous URL fetcher based on grequestsLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-171-0/+84
* add my own version of grequestsLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-171-0/+182
* pphidden_async: fix syntax error and use argparseLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-171-11/+16
* add pphidden_async.py, WIPLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-171-0/+100
* pphidden: reuse same TCP connection, and don't sleepLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-161-2/+4
* Merge branch 'master' of zx2c4.com:laurent-toolsLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-1529-1/+476
| * bashrc: add pulseaudio beep and use in in loop helpersLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-091-2/+3
| * vimrc: 4 spaces for tabsLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-091-2/+2
| * bashrc: add loop helpersLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-091-0/+2
| * wireshark_dechunk: add dateLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-061-1/+1
| * wireshark_dechunk: IDEAs on dechunking in WiresharkLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-061-0/+48
| * qvm-screenshot: select window border with scrotLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-061-1/+1
| * vimrc: set default column width to 80Laurent Ghigonis2013-04-061-0/+1
| * vimrc: better collor for ColorColumnLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-051-0/+1
| * qvm-screenrecord: wait for user input before recording root windowLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-291-0/+2
| * qvm-screenrecord: add -s : select window to captureLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-291-4/+27
| * qvm-screenshot: fix script name in commentsLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-281-3/+3
| * vimrc: better commentsLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-281-2/+2
| * conf: add vimrcLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-282-1/+198
| * qvm-screen*: document my KDE shortcutsLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-272-1/+5
| * qvm-screenshot: add -q : only take screenshot, no blablaLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-271-2/+5
| * qvm-screenrecord: UI tweaksLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-271-5/+8
| * add qvm-screenrecord, to record desktop in Qubes Dom0 and copy video to AppVMLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-271-0/+62
| * qvm-screenshot: small fixesLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-271-6/+5
| * qvm-screenshot: wordingLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-271-1/+1
| * add qvm-screenshot.sh, to take screenshot in Qubes Dom0 and copy to AppVMLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-271-0/+80
| * add qvm-copy-to-vm.sh, to copy files from Qubes Dom0 to AppVMLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-271-0/+40
| * propagate: move to broken/Laurent Ghigonis2013-03-2620-0/+0
| * skylog: add runskype_skylog.sh explanationLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-251-0/+2
| * skylog: add tmux skylog watcher sessionLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-251-0/+7
* | add toys/pphidden.pyLaurent Ghigonis2013-04-151-0/+27
* viensamoi: nicer references in READMELaurent Ghigonis2013-03-251-2/+2
* skylog: add script to run skype, skylog and skydbg all togetherLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-252-0/+22
* skylog: add Makefile for make installLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-251-0/+9
* skylog: add #!/usr/bin/env pythonLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-252-0/+4
* Merge branch 'master' of zx2c4.com:laurent-toolsLaurent Ghigonis2013-03-253-12/+36