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Himax HX8357D display panels

This binding is for display panels using a Himax HX8357D controller in SPI
mode, such as the Adafruit 3.5" TFT for Raspberry Pi.

Required properties:
- compatible:	"adafruit,yx350hv15", "himax,hx8357d"
- dc-gpios:	D/C pin
- reg:		address of the panel on the SPI bus

The node for this driver must be a child node of a SPI controller, hence
all mandatory properties described in ../spi/spi-bus.txt must be specified.

Optional properties:
- rotation:	panel rotation in degrees counter clockwise (0,90,180,270)
- backlight:	phandle of the backlight device attached to the panel

		compatible = "adafruit,yx350hv15", "himax,hx8357d";
		reg = <0>;
		spi-max-frequency = <32000000>;
		dc-gpios = <&gpio0 25 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
		rotation = <90>;
		backlight = <&backlight>;