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Binding for Olimex Ltd. LCD-OLinuXino bridge panel.

This device can be used as bridge between a host controller and LCD panels.
Currently supported LCDs are:
  - LCD-OLinuXino-4.3TS
  - LCD-OLinuXino-5
  - LCD-OLinuXino-7
  - LCD-OLinuXino-10

The panel itself contains:
  - AT24C16C EEPROM holding panel identification and timing requirements
  - AR1021 resistive touch screen controller (optional)
  - FT5x6 capacitive touch screnn controller (optional)
  - GT911/GT928 capacitive touch screen controller (optional)

The above chips share same I2C bus. The EEPROM is factory preprogrammed with
device information (id, serial, etc.) and timing requirements.

Touchscreen bingings can be found in these files:
  - input/touchscreen/goodix.txt
  - input/touchscreen/edt-ft5x06.txt
  - input/touchscreen/ar1021.txt

Required properties:
  - compatible: should be "olimex,lcd-olinuxino"
  - reg: address of the configuration EEPROM, should be <0x50>
  - power-supply: phandle of the regulator that provides the supply voltage

Optional properties:
  - enable-gpios: GPIO pin to enable or disable the panel
  - backlight: phandle of the backlight device attacked to the panel

&i2c2 {
	panel@50 {
		compatible = "olimex,lcd-olinuxino";
		reg = <0x50>;
		power-supply = <&reg_vcc5v0>;
		enable-gpios = <&pio 7 8 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>;
		backlight = <&backlight>;