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Kernel driver max8688

Supported chips:
  * National Semiconductor LM25066
    Prefix: 'lm25066'
    Addresses scanned: -
  * National Semiconductor LM5064
    Prefix: 'lm5064'
    Addresses scanned: -
  * National Semiconductor LM5066
    Prefix: 'lm5066'
    Addresses scanned: -

Author: Guenter Roeck <linux@roeck-us.net>


This driver supports hardware montoring for National Semiconductor LM25066,
LM5064, and LM5064 Power Management, Monitoring, Control, and Protection ICs.

The driver is a client driver to the core PMBus driver. Please see
Documentation/hwmon/pmbus for details on PMBus client drivers.

Usage Notes

This driver does not auto-detect devices. You will have to instantiate the
devices explicitly. Please see Documentation/i2c/instantiating-devices for

Platform data support

The driver supports standard PMBus driver platform data.

Sysfs entries

The following attributes are supported. Limits are read-write; all other
attributes are read-only.

in1_label		"vin"
in1_input		Measured input voltage.
in1_average		Average measured input voltage.
in1_min			Minimum input voltage.
in1_max			Maximum input voltage.
in1_min_alarm		Input voltage low alarm.
in1_max_alarm		Input voltage high alarm.

in2_label		"vout1"
in2_input		Measured output voltage.
in2_average		Average measured output voltage.
in2_min			Minimum output voltage.
in2_min_alarm		Output voltage low alarm.

in3_label		"vout2"
in3_input		Measured voltage on vaux pin

curr1_label		"iin"
curr1_input		Measured input current.
curr1_average		Average measured input current.
curr1_max		Maximum input current.
curr1_max_alarm		Input current high alarm.

power1_label		"pin"
power1_input		Measured input power.
power1_average		Average measured input power.
power1_max		Maximum input power limit.
power1_alarm		Input power alarm
power1_input_highest	Historical maximum power.
power1_reset_history	Write any value to reset maximum power history.

temp1_input		Measured temperature.
temp1_max		Maximum temperature.
temp1_crit		Critical high temperature.
temp1_max_alarm		Chip temperature high alarm.
temp1_crit_alarm	Chip temperature critical high alarm.