path: root/fs/quota/quota_tree.h
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 *	Definitions of structures for vfsv0 quota format


#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/quota.h>

 *  Structure of header of block with quota structures. It is padded to 16 bytes so
 *  there will be space for exactly 21 quota-entries in a block
struct qt_disk_dqdbheader {
	__le32 dqdh_next_free;	/* Number of next block with free entry */
	__le32 dqdh_prev_free;	/* Number of previous block with free entry */
	__le16 dqdh_entries;	/* Number of valid entries in block */
	__le16 dqdh_pad1;
	__le32 dqdh_pad2;

#define QT_TREEOFF	1		/* Offset of tree in file in blocks */

#endif /* _LINUX_QUOTAIO_TREE_H */