path: root/tools/power/cpupower/lib/cpupower.h
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struct cpupower_topology {
	/* Amount of CPU cores, packages and threads per core in the system */
	unsigned int cores;
	unsigned int pkgs;
	unsigned int threads; /* per core */

	/* Array gets mallocated with cores entries, holding per core info */
	struct cpuid_core_info *core_info;

struct cpuid_core_info {
	int pkg;
	int core;
	int cpu;

	/* flags */
	unsigned int is_online:1;

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

int get_cpu_topology(struct cpupower_topology *cpu_top);
void cpu_topology_release(struct cpupower_topology cpu_top);
int cpupower_is_cpu_online(unsigned int cpu);

#ifdef __cplusplus