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tc Testing Suite To-Do list:

- Determine what tc features are supported in the kernel. If features are not
  present, prevent the related categories from running.

- Add support for multiple versions of tc to run successively

- Improve error messages when tdc aborts its run.  Partially done - still
  need to better handle problems in pre- and post-suite.

- Use python logger module for debug/verbose output

- Allow tdc to write its results to file.
  Maybe use python logger module for this too.

- A better implementation of the "hooks".  Currently, every plugin
  will attempt to run a function at every hook point.  Could be
  changed so that plugin __init__ methods will register functions to
  be run in the various predefined times.  Then if a plugin does not
  require action at a specific point, no penalty will be paid for
  trying to run a function that will do nothing.

- Proper exception handling - make an exception class and use it

- a TestCase class, for easier testcase handling, searching, comparison

- a TestSuite class
  and a way to configure a test suite,
  to automate running multiple "test suites" with different requirements

- super simple test case example using ls, touch, etc