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[PATCH] power/video.txt: update documentation with more systems
This updates video.txt documentation with information about few more systems. Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <akpm@osdl.org> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <torvalds@osdl.org>
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@@ -32,9 +32,9 @@ There are a few types of systems where video works after S3 resume:
acpi_sleep=s3_bios,s3_mode is needed.
(5) radeon systems, where X can soft-boot your video card. You'll need
- new enough X, and plain text console (no vesafb or radeonfb), see
- http://www.doesi.gmxhome.de/linux/tm800s3/s3.html. Actually you
- should probably use vbetool (6) instead.
+ a new enough X, and a plain text console (no vesafb or radeonfb). See
+ http://www.doesi.gmxhome.de/linux/tm800s3/s3.html for more information.
+ Alternatively, you should use vbetool (6) instead.
(6) other radeon systems, where vbetool is enough to bring system back
to life. It needs text console to be working. Do vbetool vbestate
@@ -74,8 +74,9 @@ Acer TM 803 vga=normal, X patches, see webpage (5) or vbetool (6)
Acer TM 803LCi vga=normal, vbetool (6)
Arima W730a vbetool needed (6)
Asus L2400D s3_mode (3)(***) (S1 also works OK)
+Asus L3350M (SiS 740) (6)
Asus L3800C (Radeon M7) s3_bios (2) (S1 also works OK)
-Asus M6NE ??? (*)
+Asus M6887Ne vga=normal, s3_bios (2), use radeon driver instead of fglrx in x.org
Athlon64 desktop prototype s3_bios (2)
Compal CL-50 ??? (*)
Compaq Armada E500 - P3-700 none (1) (S1 also works OK)
@@ -99,16 +100,16 @@ IBM TP A31 / Type 2652-M5G s3_mode (3) [works ok with BIOS 1.04 2002-08-23,
IBM TP R32 / Type 2658-MMG none (1)
IBM TP R40 2722B3G ??? (*)
IBM TP R50p / Type 1832-22U s3_bios (2)
-IBM TP R51 ??? (*)
+IBM TP R51 none (1)
IBM TP T30 236681A ??? (*)
IBM TP T40 / Type 2373-MU4 none (1)
IBM TP T40p none (1)
IBM TP R40p s3_bios (2)
IBM TP T41p s3_bios (2), switch to X after resume
-IBM TP T42 ??? (*)
+IBM TP T42 s3_bios (2)
IBM ThinkPad T42p (2373-GTG) s3_bios (2)
IBM TP X20 ??? (*)
-IBM TP X30 ??? (*)
+IBM TP X30 s3_bios (2)
IBM TP X31 / Type 2672-XXH none (1), use radeontool (http://fdd.com/software/radeon/) to turn off backlight.
IBM Thinkpad X40 Type 2371-7JG s3_bios,s3_mode (4)
Medion MD4220 ??? (*)