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authorVandana Kannan <vandana.kannan@intel.com>2014-11-24 13:37:39 +0530
committerDaniel Vetter <daniel.vetter@ffwll.ch>2015-04-16 09:20:14 +0200
commitf8437dd1b5a5a084302ba8e9fa29f76cdfc2f945 (patch)
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parentdrm/i915: Rename vlv_cdclk_freq to cdclk_freq (diff)
drm/i915/bxt: add display initialize/uninitialize sequence (CDCLK)
Add CDCLK specific display clock initialization sequence as per BSpec. Note that the CDCLK initialization/uninitialization are done at their current place only for simplicity, in a future patch - when more of the runtime PM features will be enabled - these will be moved to power well#1 and modeset encoder enabling/disabling hooks respectively. This also means that atm dynamic power gating power well #1 is effectively disabled. The call to uninitialize CDCLK during system/runtime suspend will be added later in this patchset. v1: Added function definitions in header files v2: Imre's review comments addressed - Moved CDCLK related definitions to i915_reg.h - Removed defintions for CDCLK frequency - Split uninit_cdclk() by adding a phy_uninit function - Calculate freq and decimal based on input frequency - Program SSA precharge based on input frequency - Use wait_for 1ms instead 200us udelay for DE PLL locking - Removed initial value for divider, freq, decimal, ratio. - Replaced polling loops with wait_for - Parameterized latency optim setting - Fix the parts where DE PLL has to be disabled. - Call CDCLK selection from mode set v3: (imre) - add note about the plan to move the cdclk/phy init to a better place - take rps.hw_lock around pcode access - move DE PLL register macros here from another patch since they are used here first - add BXT_ prefix to CDCLK flags - add missing masking when programming CDCLK_FREQ_DECIMAL v4: (ville) - split the CDCLK/PHY parts into two patches, update commit message accordingly - s/DISPLAY_PCU_CONTROL/HSW_PCODE_DE_WRITE_FREQ_REQ/ - simplify BXT_DE_PLL_RATIO macros - fix BXT_DE_PLL_RATIO_MASK - s/bxt_select_cdclk_freq/broxton_set_cdclk_freq/ - move cdclk init/uninit/set code from intel_ddi.c to intel_display.c - remove redundant code comments for broxton_set_cdclk_freq() - sanitize fixed point<->integer frequency value conversion - use DRM_ERROR instead of WARN - do RMW when programming BXT_DE_PLL_CTL for safety - add note about PLL lock timeout being exactly 200us - make PCU error messages more descriptive - instead of using 0 freq to mean PLL off/bypass freq use 19200 for clarity, as the latter one is the actual rate - simplify pcode programming, removing duplicated sandybridge_pcode_write() call - sanitize code flow, remove unnecessary scratch vars in broxton_set_cdclk() (imre) - Remove bound check for maxmimum freq to match current code. This check will be added later at a more proper platform independent place once atomic support lands. - add note to remove freq guard band which isn't needed on BXT - add note to reduce freq to minimum if no pipe is enabled - combine broxton_modeset_global_pipes() with valleyview_modeset_global_pipes() Signed-off-by: Vandana Kannan <vandana.kannan@intel.com> (v2) Signed-off-by: Imre Deak <imre.deak@intel.com> Reviewed-by: Ville Syrjälä <ville.syrjala@linux.intel.com> Signed-off-by: Daniel Vetter <daniel.vetter@ffwll.ch>
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