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kbuild: Update documentation of clean-files and clean-dirs
Commit a16c5f99 (kbuild: Fix removal of the debian/ directory) slightly changed the processing of the clean-files and clean-dirs variables. Also, use a current real-world example of clean-files usage. Signed-off-by: Michal Marek <mmarek@suse.cz>
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@@ -751,12 +751,12 @@ generated by kbuild are deleted all over the kernel src tree when
Additional files can be specified in kbuild makefiles by use of $(clean-files).
- #drivers/pci/Makefile
- clean-files := devlist.h classlist.h
+ #lib/Makefile
+ clean-files := crc32table.h
When executing "make clean", the two files "devlist.h classlist.h" will be
deleted. Kbuild will assume files to be in the same relative directory as the
-Makefile except if an absolute path is specified (path starting with '/').
+Makefile, except if prefixed with $(objtree).
To delete a directory hierarchy use:
@@ -764,9 +764,8 @@ To delete a directory hierarchy use:
clean-dirs := $(objtree)/debian/
-This will delete the directory debian, including all subdirectories.
-Kbuild will assume the directories to be in the same relative path as the
-Makefile if no absolute path is specified (path does not start with '/').
+This will delete the directory debian in the toplevel directory, including all
To exclude certain files from make clean, use the $(no-clean-files) variable.
This is only a special case used in the top level Kbuild file: