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Merge tag 'scsi-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jejb/scsi
Pull SCSI updates from James Bottomley: "This is an assorted set of stragglers into the merge window with driver updates for qla2xxx, megaraid_sas, storvsc and ufs. It also includes pulls of the uapi tree (all the remaining SCSI pieces) and the fcoe tree (updates to fcoe and libfc)" * tag 'scsi-for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/jejb/scsi: (81 commits) [SCSI] ufs: Separate PCI code into glue driver [SCSI] ufs: Segregate PCI Specific Code [SCSI] scsi: fix lpfc build when wmb() is defined as mb() [SCSI] storvsc: Handle dynamic resizing of the device [SCSI] storvsc: Restructure error handling code on command completion [SCSI] storvsc: avoid usage of WRITE_SAME [SCSI] aacraid: suppress two GCC warnings [SCSI] hpsa: check for dma_mapping_error in hpsa_passthru ioctls [SCSI] hpsa: reorganize error handling in hpsa_passthru_ioctl [SCSI] hpsa: check for dma_mapping_error in hpsa_map_sg_chain_block [SCSI] hpsa: Check for dma_mapping_error for all code paths using fill_cmd [SCSI] hpsa: Check for dma_mapping_error in hpsa_map_one [SCSI] dc395x: uninitialized variable in device_alloc() [SCSI] Fix range check in scsi_host_dif_capable() [SCSI] storvsc: Initialize the sglist [SCSI] mpt2sas: Add support for OEM specific controller [SCSI] ipr: Fix oops while resetting an ipr adapter [SCSI] fnic: Fnic Trace Utility [SCSI] fnic: New debug flags and debug log messages [SCSI] fnic: fnic driver may hit BUG_ON on device reset ...
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-What: /sys/bus/fcoe/ctlr_X
+What: /sys/bus/fcoe/
+Date: August 2012
+KernelVersion: TBD
+Contact: Robert Love <robert.w.love@intel.com>, devel@open-fcoe.org
+Description: The FCoE bus. Attributes in this directory are control interfaces.
+ ctlr_create: 'FCoE Controller' instance creation interface. Writing an
+ <ifname> to this file will allocate and populate sysfs with a
+ fcoe_ctlr_device (ctlr_X). The user can then configure any
+ per-port settings and finally write to the fcoe_ctlr_device's
+ 'start' attribute to begin the kernel's discovery and login
+ process.
+ ctlr_destroy: 'FCoE Controller' instance removal interface. Writing a
+ fcoe_ctlr_device's sysfs name to this file will log the
+ fcoe_ctlr_device out of the fabric or otherwise connected
+ FCoE devices. It will also free all kernel memory allocated
+ for this fcoe_ctlr_device and any structures associated
+ with it, this includes the scsi_host.
+What: /sys/bus/fcoe/devices/ctlr_X
Date: March 2012
KernelVersion: TBD
Contact: Robert Love <robert.w.love@intel.com>, devel@open-fcoe.org
-Description: 'FCoE Controller' instances on the fcoe bus
+Description: 'FCoE Controller' instances on the fcoe bus.
+ The FCoE Controller now has a three stage creation process.
+ 1) Write interface name to ctlr_create 2) Configure the FCoE
+ Controller (ctlr_X) 3) Enable the FCoE Controller to begin
+ discovery and login. The FCoE Controller is destroyed by
+ writing it's name, i.e. ctlr_X to the ctlr_delete file.
fcf_dev_loss_tmo: Device loss timeout peroid (see below). Changing
this value will change the dev_loss_tmo for all
FCFs discovered by this controller.
+ mode: Display or change the FCoE Controller's mode. Possible
+ modes are 'Fabric' and 'VN2VN'. If a FCoE Controller
+ is started in 'Fabric' mode then FIP FCF discovery is
+ initiated and ultimately a fabric login is attempted.
+ If a FCoE Controller is started in 'VN2VN' mode then
+ FIP VN2VN discovery and login is performed. A FCoE
+ Controller only supports one mode at a time.
+ enabled: Whether an FCoE controller is enabled or disabled.
+ 0 if disabled, 1 if enabled. Writing either 0 or 1
+ to this file will enable or disable the FCoE controller.
lesb/link_fail: Link Error Status Block (LESB) link failure count.
lesb/vlink_fail: Link Error Status Block (LESB) virtual link
@@ -26,7 +65,7 @@ Attributes:
Notes: ctlr_X (global increment starting at 0)
-What: /sys/bus/fcoe/fcf_X
+What: /sys/bus/fcoe/devices/fcf_X
Date: March 2012
KernelVersion: TBD
Contact: Robert Love <robert.w.love@intel.com>, devel@open-fcoe.org
diff --git a/Documentation/scsi/ChangeLog.megaraid_sas b/Documentation/scsi/ChangeLog.megaraid_sas
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+Release Date : Sat. Feb 9, 2013 17:00:00 PST 2013 -
+ (emaild-id:megaraidlinux@lsi.com)
+ Adam Radford
+Current Version : 06.506.00.00-rc1
+Old Version : 06.504.01.00-rc1
+ 1. Add 4k FastPath DIF support.
+ 2. Dont load DevHandle unless FastPath enabled.
+ 3. Version and Changelog update.
Release Date : Mon. Oct 1, 2012 17:00:00 PST 2012 -
Adam Radford