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Pull more rdma updates from Doug Ledford: "Round two of 4.6 merge window patches. This is a monster pull request. I held off on the hfi1 driver updates (the hfi1 driver is intimately tied to the qib driver and the new rdmavt software library that was created to help both of them) in my first pull request. The hfi1/qib/rdmavt update is probably 90% of this pull request. The hfi1 driver is being left in staging so that it can be fixed up in regards to the API that Al and yourself didn't like. Intel has agreed to do the work, but in the meantime, this clears out 300+ patches in the backlog queue and brings my tree and their tree closer to sync. This also includes about 10 patches to the core and a few to mlx5 to create an infrastructure for configuring SRIOV ports on IB devices. That series includes one patch to the net core that we sent to netdev@ and Dave Miller with each of the three revisions to the series. We didn't get any response to the patch, so we took that as implicit approval. Finally, this series includes Intel's new iWARP driver for their x722 cards. It's not nearly the beast as the hfi1 driver. It also has a linux-next merge issue, but that has been resolved and it now passes just fine. Summary: - A few minor core fixups needed for the next patch series - The IB SRIOV series. This has bounced around for several versions. Of note is the fact that the first patch in this series effects the net core. It was directed to netdev and DaveM for each iteration of the series (three versions total). Dave did not object, but did not respond either. I've taken this as permission to move forward with the series. - The new Intel X722 iWARP driver - A huge set of updates to the Intel hfi1 driver. Of particular interest here is that we have left the driver in staging since it still has an API that people object to. Intel is working on a fix, but getting these patches in now helps keep me sane as the upstream and Intel's trees were over 300 patches apart" * tag 'for-linus' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/dledford/rdma: (362 commits) IB/ipoib: Allow mcast packets from other VFs IB/mlx5: Implement callbacks for manipulating VFs net/mlx5_core: Implement modify HCA vport command net/mlx5_core: Add VF param when querying vport counter IB/ipoib: Add ndo operations for configuring VFs IB/core: Add interfaces to control VF attributes IB/core: Support accessing SA in virtualized environment IB/core: Add subnet prefix to port info IB/mlx5: Fix decision on using MAD_IFC net/core: Add support for configuring VF GUIDs IB/{core, ulp} Support above 32 possible device capability flags IB/core: Replace setting the zero values in ib_uverbs_ex_query_device net/mlx5_core: Introduce offload arithmetic hardware capabilities net/mlx5_core: Refactor device capability function net/mlx5_core: Fix caching ATOMIC endian mode capability ib_srpt: fix a WARN_ON() message i40iw: Replace the obsolete crypto hash interface with shash IB/hfi1: Add SDMA cache eviction algorithm IB/hfi1: Switch to using the pin query function IB/hfi1: Specify mm when releasing pages ...
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@@ -78,9 +78,10 @@ HFI1
chip_reset - diagnostic (root only)
boardversion - board version
- CMgtA/
+ CCMgtA/
cc_settings_bin - CCA tables used by PSM2
+ cc_prescan - enable prescaning for faster BECN response
sc2v/ - 32 files (0 - 31) used to translate sl->vl
sl2sc/ - 32 files (0 - 31) used to translate sl->sc
vl2mtu/ - 16 (0 - 15) files used to determine MTU for vl