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parentARM: Move platform memory reservations out of generic code (diff)
ARM: OMAP: Cleanup OMAP FB SDRAM reservation
The logic in this file is rather convoluted, but essentially: 1. region type 0 is SDRAM 2. referring to the code fragment if (set_fbmem_region_type(&rg, OMAPFB_MEMTYPE_SDRAM, sdram_start, sdram_size) < 0 || (rg.type != OMAPFB_MEMTYPE_SDRAM)) continue; - if rg.type is not OMAPFB_MEMTYPE_SDRAM, set_fbmem_region_type() returns zero immediately (since rg.type is non-zero), and so we 'continue'. - if rg.type is OMAPFB_MEMTYPE_SDRAM, and rg.paddr is zero, we fall through. - if rg.type is OMAPFB_MEMTYPE_SDRAM, and the region lies within SDRAM, we fall through. - if rg.type is OMAPFB_MEMTYPE_SDRAM, and the region is not within SDRAM, we 'continue'. 3. check_fbmem_region seems unnecessary. - we know rg.type is OMAPFB_MEMTYPE_SDRAM - we can check rg.size independently - bootmem_reserve() can check for overlapping reservations itself - we've already validated that the requested region lies within SDRAM. 4. avoid BUG()ing if the region entry is already set; print an error, and mark the configuration invalid - at least we'll continue booting so the error message has a chance of being logged/visible via serial console. With these changes in place, it makes the code much easier to understand and hence easier to convert to LMB. Signed-off-by: Russell King <rmk+kernel@arm.linux.org.uk>
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