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authorLuc Van Oostenryck <luc.vanoostenryck@gmail.com>2018-05-31 17:42:01 +0200
committerPalmer Dabbelt <palmer@sifive.com>2018-06-11 09:03:43 -0700
commit889d746edd02a4498d80df3a12017d484cc78e5c (patch)
tree222da2c3cbcd5dd14c4c1a9c15d867dc0abadf9c /arch/riscv/Makefile
parentRISC-V: Preliminary Perf Support (diff)
riscv: add riscv-specific predefines to CHECKFLAGS
RISC-V uses the macro __riscv_xlen, predefined by GCC, to make the distinction between 32 or 64 bit code. However, sparse doesn't know anything about this macro which lead to wrong warnings and failures. Fix this by adding a define of __riscv_xlen to CHECKFLAGS and add one for __riscv too. Signed-off-by: Luc Van Oostenryck <luc.vanoostenryck@gmail.com> Signed-off-by: Palmer Dabbelt <palmer@sifive.com>
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diff --git a/arch/riscv/Makefile b/arch/riscv/Makefile
index 76e958a5414a..6d4a5f6c3f4f 100644
--- a/arch/riscv/Makefile
+++ b/arch/riscv/Makefile
@@ -71,6 +71,9 @@ KBUILD_CFLAGS_MODULE += $(call cc-option,-mno-relax)
# architectures. It's faster to have GCC emit only aligned accesses.
KBUILD_CFLAGS += $(call cc-option,-mstrict-align)
+# arch specific predefines for sparse
+CHECKFLAGS += -D__riscv -D__riscv_xlen=$(BITS)
head-y := arch/riscv/kernel/head.o
core-y += arch/riscv/kernel/ arch/riscv/mm/