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parentMerge branch 'syscore' into for-linus (diff)
parentPM: Fix build issue in clock_ops.c for CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME unset (diff)
Merge branch 'power-domains' into for-linus
* power-domains: PM: Fix build issue in clock_ops.c for CONFIG_PM_RUNTIME unset PM: Revert "driver core: platform_bus: allow runtime override of dev_pm_ops" OMAP1 / PM: Use generic clock manipulation routines for runtime PM PM / Runtime: Generic clock manipulation rountines for runtime PM (v6) PM / Runtime: Add subsystem data field to struct dev_pm_info OMAP2+ / PM: move runtime PM implementation to use device power domains PM / Platform: Use generic runtime PM callbacks directly shmobile: Use power domains for platform runtime PM PM: Export platform bus type's default PM callbacks PM: Make power domain callbacks take precedence over subsystem ones
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