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parentnet/mlx5: Add exit route when waiting for FW (diff)
net/mlx5: Increase FW pre-init timeout for health recovery
Currently, health recovery will reload driver to recover it from fatal errors. During the driver's load process, it would wait for FW to set the pre-init bit for up to 120 seconds, beyond this threshold it would abort the load process. In some cases, such as a FW upgrade on the DPU, this timeout period is insufficient, and the user has no way to recover the host device. To solve this issue, introduce a new FW pre-init timeout for health recovery, which is set to 2 hours. The timeout for devlink reload and probe will use the original one because they are user triggered flows, and therefore should not have a significantly long timeout, during which the user command would hang. Signed-off-by: Gavin Li <gavinl@nvidia.com> Reviewed-by: Moshe Shemesh <moshe@nvidia.com> Reviewed-by: Shay Drory <shayd@nvidia.com> Signed-off-by: Saeed Mahameed <saeedm@nvidia.com>
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