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authorNicholas Bellinger <nab@linux-iscsi.org>2013-03-07 00:56:19 -0800
committerNicholas Bellinger <nab@linux-iscsi.org>2013-04-25 01:09:41 -0700
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parenttcm_vhost: Enable VIRTIO_SCSI_F_HOTPLUG (diff)
iser-target: Add iSCSI Extensions for RDMA (iSER) target driver
This patch adds support for iSCSI Extensions for RDMA target mode, and includes CQ pooling per isert_device context distributed across multiple active iser target sessions. It also uses cmwq process context for RX / TX ib_post_cq() polling via isert_cq_desc->cq_[rx,tx]_work invoked by isert_cq_[rx,tx]_callback() hardIRQ context callbacks. v5 changes: - Use ISER_RECV_DATA_SEG_LEN instead of hardcoded value in ISER_RX_PAD_SIZE (Or) - Fix make W=1 warnings (Or) - Add missing depends on NET && INFINIBAND_ADDR_TRANS in Kconfig (Randy + Or) - Make isert_device_find_by_ib_dev() return proper ERR_PTR (Wei Yongjun) - Properly setup iscsi_np->np_sockaddr in isert_setup_np() (Shlomi + nab) - Add special case for early ISCSI_OP_SCSI_CMD exception handling (nab) v4 changes: - Mark isert_cq_rx_work as static (Or) - Drop unnecessary ib_dma_sync_single_for_cpu + ib_dma_sync_single_for_device calls for isert_cmd->sense_buf_dma from isert_put_response (Or) - Use 12288 for ISER_RX_PAD_SIZE base to save extra page per struct iser_rx_desc (Or + nab) - Drop now unnecessary isert_rx_desc usage, and convert RX users to iser_rx_desc (Or + nab) - Move isert_[alloc,free]_rx_descriptors() ahead of isert_create_device_ib_res() usage (nab) - Mark isert_cq_[rx,tx]_callback() + prototypes as static - Fix 'warning: 'ret' may be used uninitialized' warning for isert_create_device_ib_res on powerpc allmodconfig (fengguang + nab) - Fix 'warning: 'ret' may be used uninitialized' warning for isert_connect_request on i386 allyesconfig (fengguang + nab) - Fix pr_debug conversion specification in isert_rx_completion() (fengguang + nab) - Drop unnecessary isert_conn->conn_cm_id != NULL check in isert_connect_release causing the build warning: "variable dereferenced before check 'isert_conn->conn_cm_id'" - Fix isert_lid + isert_np leak in isert_setup_np failure path - Add isert_conn->conn_wait_comp_err usage in isert_free_conn() for isert_cq_comp_err completion path - Add isert_conn->logout_posted bit to determine decrement of isert_conn->post_send_buf_count from logout response completion - Always set ISER_CONN_DOWN from isert_disconnect_work() callback v3 changes: - Convert to use per isert_cq_desc->cq_[rx,tx]_work + drop tasklets (Or + nab) - Move IB_EVENT_QP_LAST_WQE_REACHED warn into correct isert_qp_event_callback (Or) - Drop unnecessary IB_ACCESS_REMOTE_* access flag usage in isert_create_device_ib_res (Or) - Add common isert_init_send_wr(), and convert isert_put_* calls (Or) - Move to verbs+core logic to single ib_isert.[c,h] (Or + nab) - Add kmem_cache isert_cmd_cache usage for descriptor allocation (nab) - Move common ib_post_send() logic used by isert_put_*() to isert_post_response() (nab) - Add isert_put_reject call in isert_response_queue() for posting ISCSI_REJECT response. (nab) - Add ISTATE_SEND_REJECT checking in isert_do_control_comp. (nab) v2 changes: - Drop unused ISERT_ADDR_ROUTE_TIMEOUT define - Add rdma_notify() call for IB_EVENT_COMM_EST in isert_qp_event_callback() - Make isert_query_device() less verbose - Drop unused RDMA_CM_EVENT_ADDR_ERROR and RDMA_CM_EVENT_ROUTE_ERROR cases from isert_cma_handler() - Drop unused rdma/ib_fmr_pool.h include - Update isert_conn_setup_qp() to assign cq based upon least used - Add isert_create_device_ib_res() to setup PD, CQs and MRs for each underlying struct ib_device, instead of using per isert_conn resources. - Add isert_free_device_ib_res() to release PD, CQs and MRs for each underlying struct ib_device. - Add isert_device_find_by_ib_dev() - Change isert_connect_request() to drop PD, CQs and MRs allocation, and use isert_device_find_by_ib_dev() instead. - Add isert_device_try_release() - Change isert_connect_release() to decrement cq_active_qps, and drop PD, CQs and MRs resource release. - Update isert_connect_release() to call isert_device_try_release() - Make isert_create_device_ib_res() determine device->cqs_used based upon num_online_cpus() - Drop misleading isert_dump_ib_wc() usage - Drop unused rdma/ib_fmr_pool.h include - Use proper xfer_len for login PDUs in isert_rx_completion() - Add isert_release_cmd() usage - Change isert_alloc_cmd() to setup iscsi_cmd.release_cmd() pointer - Change isert_put_cmd() to perform per iscsi_opcode specific release logic - Add isert_unmap_cmd() call for ISCSI_OP_SCSI_CMD from isert_put_cmd() - Change isert_send_completion() to call atomic_dec(&isert_conn->post_send_buf_count) based upon per iscsi_opcode logic - Drop ISTATE_REMOVE processing from isert_immediate_queue() - Drop ISTATE_SEND_DATAIN processing from isert_response_queue() - Drop ISTATE_SEND_STATUS processing from isert_response_queue() - Drop iscsit_transport->iscsit_unmap_cmd() and ->iscsit_free_cmd() - Convert iser_cq_tx_tasklet() to use struct isert_cq_desc pooling logic - Convert isert_cq_tx_callback() to use struct isert_cq_desc pooling logic - Convert iser_cq_rx_tasklet() to use struct isert_cq_desc pooling logic - Convert isert_cq_rx_callback() to use struct isert_cq_desc pooling logic - Add explict iscsit_stop_dataout_timer() call to isert_do_rdma_read_comp() - Use isert_get_dataout() for iscsit_transport->iscsit_get_dataout() caller - Drop ISTATE_SEND_R2T processing from isert_immediate_queue() - Drop unused rdma/ib_fmr_pool.h include - Drop isert_cmd->cmd_kref in favor of se_cmd->cmd_kref usage - Add struct isert_device in order to support multiple EQs + CQ pooling - Add struct isert_cq_desc - Drop tasklets and cqs from isert_conn - Bump ISERT_MAX_CQ to 64 - Various minor checkpatch fixes Signed-off-by: Or Gerlitz <ogerlitz@mellanox.com> Signed-off-by: Nicholas Bellinger <nab@linux-iscsi.org>
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+ tristate "iSCSI Extentions for RDMA (iSER) target support"
+ ---help---
+ Support for iSCSI Extentions for RDMA (iSER) Target on Infiniband fabrics.