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authorDennis Dalessandro <dennis.dalessandro@intel.com>2020-02-25 14:54:45 -0500
committerJason Gunthorpe <jgg@mellanox.com>2020-03-02 11:10:21 -0400
commit817a68a6584aa08e323c64283fec5ded7be84759 (patch)
tree643c30c1add80c466d1033ed155fcdbb04f8e2d9 /drivers/infiniband
parentRDMA/core: Fix pkey and port assignment in get_new_pps (diff)
IB/hfi1, qib: Ensure RCU is locked when accessing list
The packet handling function, specifically the iteration of the qp list for mad packet processing misses locking RCU before running through the list. Not only is this incorrect, but the list_for_each_entry_rcu() call can not be called with a conditional check for lock dependency. Remedy this by invoking the rcu lock and unlock around the critical section. This brings MAD packet processing in line with what is done for non-MAD packets. Fixes: 7724105686e7 ("IB/hfi1: add driver files") Link: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20200225195445.140896.41873.stgit@awfm-01.aw.intel.com Reviewed-by: Mike Marciniszyn <mike.marciniszyn@intel.com> Signed-off-by: Dennis Dalessandro <dennis.dalessandro@intel.com> Signed-off-by: Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@mellanox.com>
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2 files changed, 5 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/drivers/infiniband/hw/hfi1/verbs.c b/drivers/infiniband/hw/hfi1/verbs.c
index 089e201d7550..2f6323ad9c59 100644
--- a/drivers/infiniband/hw/hfi1/verbs.c
+++ b/drivers/infiniband/hw/hfi1/verbs.c
@@ -515,10 +515,11 @@ static inline void hfi1_handle_packet(struct hfi1_packet *packet,
opa_get_lid(packet->dlid, 9B));
if (!mcast)
goto drop;
+ rcu_read_lock();
list_for_each_entry_rcu(p, &mcast->qp_list, list) {
packet->qp = p->qp;
if (hfi1_do_pkey_check(packet))
- goto drop;
+ goto unlock_drop;
spin_lock_irqsave(&packet->qp->r_lock, flags);
packet_handler = qp_ok(packet);
if (likely(packet_handler))
@@ -527,6 +528,7 @@ static inline void hfi1_handle_packet(struct hfi1_packet *packet,
spin_unlock_irqrestore(&packet->qp->r_lock, flags);
+ rcu_read_unlock();
* Notify rvt_multicast_detach() if it is waiting for us
* to finish.
diff --git a/drivers/infiniband/hw/qib/qib_verbs.c b/drivers/infiniband/hw/qib/qib_verbs.c
index 33778d451b82..5ef93f8f17a1 100644
--- a/drivers/infiniband/hw/qib/qib_verbs.c
+++ b/drivers/infiniband/hw/qib/qib_verbs.c
@@ -329,8 +329,10 @@ void qib_ib_rcv(struct qib_ctxtdata *rcd, void *rhdr, void *data, u32 tlen)
if (mcast == NULL)
goto drop;
+ rcu_read_lock();
list_for_each_entry_rcu(p, &mcast->qp_list, list)
qib_qp_rcv(rcd, hdr, 1, data, tlen, p->qp);
+ rcu_read_unlock();
* Notify rvt_multicast_detach() if it is waiting for us
* to finish.