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parentnet/mlx4_core: Check device state before unregistering it (diff)
parentsamples/bpf: Add test/example of using bpf_probe_write_user bpf helper (diff)
Merge branch 'bpf-probe-write-user'
Sargun Dhillon says: ==================== bpf: add bpf_probe_write_user helper & example This patch series contains two patches that add support for a probe_write helper to BPF programs. This allows them to manipulate user memory during the course of tracing. The second patch in the series has an example that uses it, in one the intended ways to divert execution. Thanks to Alexei Starovoitov, and Daniel Borkmann for being patient, review, and helping me get familiar with the code base. I've made changes based on their recommendations. This helper should be considered for experimental usage and debugging, so we print a warning to dmesg when it is along with the command and pid when someone tries to install a proglet that uses it. A follow-up patchset will contain a mechanism to verify the safety of the probe beyond what was done by hand. ---- v1->v2: restrict writing to user space, as opposed to globally v2->v3: Fixed formatting issues v3->v4: Rename copy_to_user -> bpf_probe_write Simplify checking of whether or not it's safe to write Add warnings to dmesg v4->v5: Raise warning level Cleanup location of warning code Make test fail when helper is broken v5->v6: General formatting cleanup Rename bpf_probe_write -> bpf_probe_write_user v6->v7: More formatting cleanup. Clarifying a few comments Clarified log message ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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