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authorJacob Keller <jacob.e.keller@intel.com>2014-07-19 07:17:17 +0000
committerJeff Kirsher <jeffrey.t.kirsher@intel.com>2014-07-24 02:41:38 -0700
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parentixgbe: fix use of list_for_each in ixgbe_enumerate_functions (diff)
ixgbe: don't check minimum link when direct assigned to virtual machine
This patch prevents the display of the minimum link qualification check if we might be in a virtual machine. This check is incorrect and misleading in this case, since we actually don't really know what the available bandwidth is. To do so, we simply check whether each function on the bus matches our device id. If it doesn't the most likely scenario is that we're directly assigned to a virtual machine. Signed-off-by: Jacob Keller <jacob.e.keller@intel.com> Tested-by: Phil Schmitt <phillip.j.schmitt@intel.com> Signed-off-by: Jeff Kirsher <jeffrey.t.kirsher@intel.com>
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