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authorBo Chen <chenbo@pdx.edu>2018-07-23 09:01:30 -0700
committerJeff Kirsher <jeffrey.t.kirsher@intel.com>2018-08-24 08:52:35 -0700
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parente1000: check on netif_running() before calling e1000_up() (diff)
e1000: ensure to free old tx/rx rings in set_ringparam()
In 'e1000_set_ringparam()', the tx_ring and rx_ring are updated with new value and the old tx/rx rings are freed only when the device is up. There are resource leaks on old tx/rx rings when the device is not up. This bug is reported by COD, a tool for testing kernel module binaries I am building. This patch fixes the bug by always calling 'kfree()' on old tx/rx rings in 'e1000_set_ringparam()'. Signed-off-by: Bo Chen <chenbo@pdx.edu> Reviewed-by: Alexander Duyck <alexander.h.duyck@intel.com> Tested-by: Aaron Brown <aaron.f.brown@intel.com> Signed-off-by: Jeff Kirsher <jeffrey.t.kirsher@intel.com>
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