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Merge branch 'Introduce-XDP-to-ena'
Sameeh Jubran says: ==================== Introduce XDP to ena This patchset includes 3 patches: * XDP_DROP implementation * XDP_TX implementation * A fix for an issue which might occur due to the XDP_TX patch. I see fit to place it as a standalone patch for clarity. Difference from v2: * Fixed the usage of rx headroom (XDP_PACKET_HEADROOM) * Aligned the page_offset of the packet when passing it to the stack * Switched to using xdp_frame in xdp xmit queue * Dropped the print for unsupported commands * Cosmetic changes Difference from RFC v1 (XDP_DROP patch): * Initialized xdp.rxq pointer * Updated max_mtu on attachment of xdp and removed the check from ena_change_mtu() * Moved the xdp execution from ena_rx_skb() to ena_clean_rx_irq() * Moved xdp buff (struct xdp_buff) from rx_ring to the local stack * Started using netlink's extack mechanism to deliver error messages to the user ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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