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parentdrivers: net: xgene: Remove acpi_has_method() calls (diff)
parentcan: Add SPDX license identifiers for CAN subsystem (diff)
Merge tag 'linux-can-next-for-5.4-20190724' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mkl/linux-can-next
Marc Kleine-Budde says: ==================== pull-request: can-next 2019-07-24 this is a pull request for net-next/master consisting of 26 patches. The first two patches are by me. One adds missing files of the CAN subsystem to the MAINTAINERS file, while the other sorts the Makefile/Kconfig of the sja1000 drivers sub directory. In the next patch Ji-Ze Hong (Peter Hong) provides a driver for the "Fintek PCIE to 2 CAN" controller, based on the the sja1000 IP core. Gustavo A. R. Silva's patch for the kvaser_usb driver introduces the use of struct_size() instead of open coding it. Henning Colliander's patch adds a driver for the "Kvaser PCIEcan" devices. Another patch by Gustavo A. R. Silva marks expected switch fall-throughs properly. Dan Murphy provides 5 patches for the m_can. After cleanups a framework is introduced so that the driver can be used from memory mapped IO as well as SPI attached devices. Finally he adds a driver for the tcan4x5x which uses this framework. A series of 5 patches by Appana Durga Kedareswara rao for the xilinx_can driver, first clean up,then add support for CANFD. Colin Ian King contributes another cleanup for the xilinx_can driver. Robert P. J. Day's patch corrects the brief history of the CAN protocol given in the Kconfig menu entry. 2 patches by Dong Aisheng for the flexcan driver provide PE clock source select support and dt-bindings description. 2 patches by Sean Nyekjaer for the flexcan driver provide add CAN wakeup-source property and dt-bindings description. Jeroen Hofstee's patch converts the ti_hecc driver to make use of the rx-offload helper fixing a number of outstanding bugs. The first patch of Oliver Hartkopp removes the now obsolete empty ioctl() handler for the CAN protocols. The second patch adds SPDX license identifiers for CAN subsystem. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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