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staging: kpc2000: add initial set of Daktronics drivers
These drivers have been outside of the kernel tree since the 2.x days, and it's time to bring them into the tree so they can get properly cleaned up. This first dump of drivers is based on a tarball Matt gave to me, minus an odd "dma" driver that I could not get to build at all. I renamed a few files, added the proper SPDX lines to it, added Kconfig entries and tied it into the kernel build. I also fixed up a number of initial obvious kernel build warnings, but left the odd bitfield warning that gcc is spitting out, as I'm not quite sure what to do about that. There's loads of low-hanging coding style cleanups in here for people to start attacking, as well as the more obvious logic and api cleanups as well. Cc: Matt Sickler <Matt.Sickler@daktronics.com> Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <gregkh@linuxfoundation.org>
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+- the kpc_spi driver doesn't seem to let multiple transactions (to different instances of the core) happen in parallel...
+- The kpc_i2c driver is a hot mess, it should probably be cleaned up a ton. It functions against current hardware though.
+- pcard->card_num in kp2000_pcie_probe() is a global variable and needs atomic / locking / something better.
+- probe_core_uio() probably needs error handling
+- the loop in kp2000_probe_cores() that uses probe_core_uio() also probably needs error handling
+- would be nice if the AIO fileops in kpc_dma could be made to work
+ - probably want to add a CONFIG_ option to control compilation of the AIO functions
+- if the AIO fileops in kpc_dma start working, next would be making iov_count > 1 work too