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authorSteven Whitehouse <swhiteho@redhat.com>2011-05-13 10:34:59 +0100
committerSteven Whitehouse <swhiteho@redhat.com>2011-05-13 10:34:59 +0100
commit160b4026dc3e75c0693d0123eca805e88cd200b6 (patch)
tree32aa1a6e23b09be65cabdbcd6be2a8fc3d50527f /fs/gfs2/inode.h
parentGFS2: Clean up mkdir (diff)
GFS2: Clean up symlink creation
This moves the symlink specific parts of inode creation into the function where we initialise the rest of the dinode. As a result we have one less place where we need to look up the inode's buffer. Signed-off-by: Steven Whitehouse <swhiteho@redhat.com>
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1 files changed, 0 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/fs/gfs2/inode.h b/fs/gfs2/inode.h
index 7ed60aa1b61f..31606076f701 100644
--- a/fs/gfs2/inode.h
+++ b/fs/gfs2/inode.h
@@ -108,9 +108,6 @@ extern int gfs2_inode_refresh(struct gfs2_inode *ip);
extern struct inode *gfs2_lookupi(struct inode *dir, const struct qstr *name,
int is_root);
-extern struct inode *gfs2_createi(struct gfs2_holder *ghs,
- const struct qstr *name,
- unsigned int mode, dev_t dev);
extern int gfs2_permission(struct inode *inode, int mask, unsigned int flags);
extern int gfs2_setattr_simple(struct gfs2_inode *ip, struct iattr *attr);
extern struct inode *gfs2_lookup_simple(struct inode *dip, const char *name);