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Merge tag 'for-hubcap-v4.9-readahead' of git://github.com/martinbrandenburg/linux
orangefs: integrate readahead cache changes from out-of-tree The readahead cache has long been present as a compile time option to OrangeFS. As it had not been tested in some time, it was disabled by default. Recently, Walt Ligon started work reviving it, which eventually culminated in the commit below to OrangeFS SVN. r12519 | walt | 2016-07-13 14:32:42 -0400 (Wed, 13 Jul 2016) | 1 line reintegrating readahead cache code This cache is implemented almost entirely in userspace. There are a few parameters exposed via sysfs, and the cache must be flushed after an inode is released.
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