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authorJason Gunthorpe <jgg@nvidia.com>2021-06-11 19:00:26 +0300
committerJason Gunthorpe <jgg@nvidia.com>2021-06-16 20:58:30 -0300
commitb7066b32a14fd21480efd93cb0c24807d6b28484 (patch)
treecebc0a95c27f765fa153285af3c756d58f953bb7 /include/rdma/ib_verbs.h
parentRDMA/core: Simplify how the port sysfs is created (diff)
RDMA/core: Create the device hw_counters through the normal groups mechanism
Instead of calling device_add_groups() add the group to the existing groups array which is managed through device_add(). This requires setting up the hw_counters before device_add(), so it gets split up from the already split port sysfs flow. Move all the memory freeing to the release function. Link: https://lore.kernel.org/r/666250d937b64f6fdf45da9e2dc0b6e5e4f7abd8.1623427137.git.leonro@nvidia.com Signed-off-by: Leon Romanovsky <leonro@nvidia.com> Signed-off-by: Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@nvidia.com>
Diffstat (limited to 'include/rdma/ib_verbs.h')
1 files changed, 5 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/include/rdma/ib_verbs.h b/include/rdma/ib_verbs.h
index 0dc7ab1a8dcf..5ca1cb82a543 100644
--- a/include/rdma/ib_verbs.h
+++ b/include/rdma/ib_verbs.h
@@ -2677,11 +2677,12 @@ struct ib_device {
struct ib_core_device coredev;
- /* First group for device attributes,
- * Second group for driver provided attributes (optional).
- * It is NULL terminated array.
+ /* First group is for device attributes,
+ * Second group is for driver provided attributes (optional).
+ * Third group is for the hw_stats
+ * It is a NULL terminated array.
- const struct attribute_group *groups[3];
+ const struct attribute_group *groups[4];
u64 uverbs_cmd_mask;