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md: allow resync_start to be set while an array is active.
The sysfs attribute 'resync_start' (known internally as recovery_cp), records where a resync is up to. A value of 0 means the array is not known to be in-sync at all. A value of MaxSector means the array is believed to be fully in-sync. When the size of member devices of an array (RAID1,RAID4/5/6) is increased, the array can be increased to match. This process sets resync_start to the old end-of-device offset so that the new part of the array gets resynced. However with RAID1 (and RAID6) a resync is not technically necessary and may be undesirable. So it would be good if the implied resync after the array is resized could be avoided. So: change 'resync_start' so the value can be changed while the array is active, and as a precaution only allow it to be changed while resync/recovery is 'frozen'. Changing it once resync has started is not going to be useful anyway. This allows the array to be resized without a resync by: write 'frozen' to 'sync_action' write new size to 'component_size' (this will set resync_start) write 'none' to 'resync_start' write 'idle' to 'sync_action'. Also slightly improve some tests on recovery_cp when resizing raid1/raid5. Now that an arbitrary value could be set we should be more careful in our tests. Signed-off-by: NeilBrown <neilb@suse.de>
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