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authorJohn Fastabend <john.r.fastabend@intel.com>2010-10-30 14:22:42 +0000
committerDavid S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>2010-11-15 10:11:40 -0800
commit636e19a34275d7d6fda0fefa965b1e2a715e2b02 (patch)
tree134160c8880adef0d9afc159da22dc577b9fa3c8 /net/8021q/vlan.h
parentnet: remove check for headroom in vlan_dev_create (diff)
net: consolidate 8021q tagging
Now that VLAN packets are tagged in dev_hard_start_xmit() at the bottom of the stack we no longer need to tag them in the 8021Q module (Except in the !VLAN_FLAG_REORDER_HDR case). This allows the accel path and non accel paths to be consolidated. Here the vlan_tci in the skb is always set and we allow the stack to add the actual tag in dev_hard_start_xmit(). Signed-off-by: John Fastabend <john.r.fastabend@intel.com> Acked-by: Jesse Gross <jesse@nicira.com> Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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1 files changed, 0 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/net/8021q/vlan.h b/net/8021q/vlan.h
index db01b3181fdc..4625ba64dfdc 100644
--- a/net/8021q/vlan.h
+++ b/net/8021q/vlan.h
@@ -45,8 +45,6 @@ struct vlan_rx_stats {
* @real_dev: underlying netdevice
* @real_dev_addr: address of underlying netdevice
* @dent: proc dir entry
- * @cnt_inc_headroom_on_tx: statistic - number of skb expansions on TX
- * @cnt_encap_on_xmit: statistic - number of skb encapsulations on TX
* @vlan_rx_stats: ptr to percpu rx stats
struct vlan_dev_info {
@@ -62,8 +60,6 @@ struct vlan_dev_info {
unsigned char real_dev_addr[ETH_ALEN];
struct proc_dir_entry *dent;
- unsigned long cnt_inc_headroom_on_tx;
- unsigned long cnt_encap_on_xmit;
struct vlan_rx_stats __percpu *vlan_rx_stats;