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authorDavid S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>2019-08-08 22:37:06 -0700
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parentnet: dsa: sja1105: remove set but not used variables 'tx_vid' and 'rx_vid' (diff)
parenttc-testing: updated skbedit action tests with batch create/delete (diff)
Merge branch 'skbedit-batch-fixes'
Roman Mashak says: ==================== Fix batched event generation for skbedit action When adding or deleting a batch of entries, the kernel sends up to TCA_ACT_MAX_PRIO (defined to 32 in kernel) entries in an event to user space. However it does not consider that the action sizes may vary and require different skb sizes. For example, consider the following script adding 32 entries with all supported skbedit parameters and cookie (in order to maximize netlink messages size): % cat tc-batch.sh TC="sudo /mnt/iproute2.git/tc/tc" $TC actions flush action skbedit for i in `seq 1 $1`; do cmd="action skbedit queue_mapping 2 priority 10 mark 7/0xaabbccdd \ ptype host inheritdsfield \ index $i cookie aabbccddeeff112233445566778800a1 " args=$args$cmd done $TC actions add $args % % ./tc-batch.sh 32 Error: Failed to fill netlink attributes while adding TC action. We have an error talking to the kernel % patch 1 adds callback in tc_action_ops of skbedit action, which calculates the action size, and passes size to tcf_add_notify()/tcf_del_notify(). patch 2 updates the TDC test suite with relevant skbedit test cases. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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