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parentmacsec: fix validation failed in asynchronous operation. (diff)
parentnet: mvpp2: enable building on 64-bit platforms (diff)
Merge branch 'mvpp2-next'
Thomas Petazzoni says: ==================== net: mvpp2: misc improvements and preparation patches This series contains a number of fixes, misc improvements and preparation patches for an upcoming series that adds support for the new PPv2.2 network controller to the mvpp2 driver. The most significant improvements are: - Switching to using build_skb(), which is necessary for the upcoming PPv2.2 support, but anyway a good improvement to the current mvpp2 driver (supporting PPv2.1). - Making the driver build on 64-bit platforms. Changes since v3: - Addition of a patch "net: mvpp2: fix DMA address calculation in mvpp2_txq_inc_put()", which fixes a bug in the driver in the calculation of DMA addresses. This bug was found using DMA_API_DEBUG. - Modify the "net: mvpp2: switch to build_skb() in the RX path" patch to recalculate the fragment size when the MTU is changed in mvpp2_bm_update_mtu(). - Added Acked-by from Russell King on all patches, except: * "net: mvpp2: fix DMA address calculation in mvpp2_txq_inc_put()", because it's a new patch * "net: mvpp2: switch to build_skb() in the RX path" because I modified it since the v3. - Rebased on top of 4.10. Changes since v2: - Fix remaining 64-bit build warning, reported by David Miller. - Adjust how bit mask related definitions are done in "net: mvpp2: simplify MVPP2_PRS_RI_* definitions" according to Russell King suggestions. - Add a patch "net: mvpp2: remove useless arguments in mvpp2_rx_{pkts,time}_coal_set", suggested by Russell King. - Rework mvpp2_rx_time_coal_set() implementation to avoid overflows and rounding errors. I've used the implementation suggested by Russell King. Changes since v1: - This series is split as a separate series from the larger patch set adding support for PPv2.2 in the mvpp2 driver, as requested by David Miller. - Rebased on top of v4.10-rc1. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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