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Gregory CLEMENT says: ==================== net: mvneta: Switch to per-CPU irq and make rxq_def useful As stated in the first version: "this patchset reworks the Marvell neta driver in order to really support its per-CPU interrupts, instead of faking them as SPI, and allow the use of any RX queue instead of the hardcoded RX queue 0 that we have currently." Following the review which has been done, Maxime started adding the CPU hotplug support. I continued his work a few weeks ago and here is the result. Since the 1st version the main change is this CPU hotplug support, in order to validate it I powered up and down the CPUs while performing iperf. I ran the tests during hours: the kernel didn't crash and the network interfaces were still usable. Of course it impacted the performance, but continuously power down and up the CPUs is not something we usually do. I also reorganized the series, the 3 first patches should go through the irq subsystem, whereas the 4 others should go to the network subsystem. However, there is a runtime dependency between the two parts. Patch 5 depend on the patch 3 to be able to use the percpu irq. Thanks, Gregory PS: Thanks to Willy who gave me some pointers on how to deal with the NAPI. ==================== Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <davem@davemloft.net>
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